Ode to Indonesia part I

In honor of Indonesia's Independence Day, I've decided to post a dedication in two parts. Being Indonesian means you can be completely different colors depending on the season or your addiction to the sun, we're usually unidentifiable as far as ethnicity goes, and we're genetically predisposed to be able to eat spicy (except for me... my tolerance for spicy goes to about the hottest hot wing at Hooters and I'm pretty sure those aren't that hot).

The other night, Chan and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love and the thing about Bali I noticed the most was the view. Oh... the view. I was just there a couple of months ago and I miss it already. I miss the culture and the people and knowing that I was in paradise.

I suppose I'll have to wait till next April to take it all in again but until then, here are few images from East Java and Bali.

Walking down the steps of Borobudur...

And Chan about to thank the amazing Canon Gods for making the 50mm lens so fast and sharp. Yes, I'm falling...


Here's a sneak preview of the view from our wedding venue in Bali :D

Bali's gym.

Uluwatu, just outside the Monkey Forest.

And last but not least... underexposing and it feels so good.

Hope y'all get through this Wednesday in one piece.