Wedding Planning And Tacos

2011... Gosh. Is it already 2011?!? Last year flew and I have no doubt in my mind that this year will be just the same, if not swifter. This morning the fam and I got together at our De Mole, our favorite Sunnyside Mexican spot, to talk wedding plans. With the wedding coming up (egads... only four months away!), planning is coming down to crunch time. Flights, hotel rooms, activities... all this smoothly coming along and I couldn't be more excited. People have asked Chan and I why we were having the wedding in Bali and the answer really is two parts. One is that it's always been my dream to get married in the island I can only describe as heavenly. I've never been one to dream of my dress or the decor... just the location and it's always been Bali. The second part is for our grandmothers to be able to attend. Chan and I are lucky enough to have them around and I wouldn't want them to miss the nuptials. I do apologize for all our local NYC homies who won't be able to join us. It breaks my heart to know that some of my closest friends won't be able to see our celebration in Bali firsthand.

One of the things I'm super excited about is our wedding photographer. After going through many local island options, I decided to steer another way. Not to take away credit from the Bali photographers, I'm sure you guys are amazing, but it's the friend factor. I know, I know... the wedding photographer isn't there to be your friend, he's there to do a job... right? I don't know if it's just me as a person or because of the fact that I am a wedding photographer, but I need someone I click with. My photographer's name is Bobby Earle and let's just say... he's solid. Wickedly solid with his camera and I have 150% confidence in him.

I'm exhausted and totally done for the day but I needed to get this off my chest... I'm getting married to Chan in four months! I can't wait to have the sand between my toes and the warm breeze in my hair. I can't wait to have drinks with my buddies in a land they'd consider foreign. I can't wait to hug my cousins and dance like we did when we were kids. But best of all... I can't wait to be able to call Chan my husband.

On a side note, I wanted to say that as a photographer, I have to slow down a little. Not to say that I don't appreciate the inquiries... I do, truly... it's an honor. But I've been booked for several events and with the upcoming wedding and travel plans, I apologize in advanced if I will not be able to take some requests. Please don't be offended if I say I can't do it, but it's simply not fair for me to say I can take accept an offer and give you 150%. After July... I'm totally schmotally available to click away and capture your feelings... your moments... your photos.

Happy Sunday... have a nice week.

Here's a snapshot of me, Chan, Bobby, and his always stunning wife Lindsay...