Food Review: Big D's Grub Truck

Given the plethora of food choices available in new york city, the simple act of selecting your meal for lunch can turn into a somewhat arduous task. This town has been blessed with so many food options, it's no wonder so many food blogs came put of it. On my google reader, I've subscribed to several blogs dedicated to just that: food. Tuesday's choice however, was ever so clear. Upon checking into Facebook to see what the world was up to, I saw that a friend's food truck would be parked nearby. Ecstatic can't even begin to describe how my hungry little tummy felt.

That's Dennis, with the glasses, making it happen...

I got the #1 Bulgogi Taco...

And the #3 Ginger Chicken Taco...

The tacos were all that I hoped for and more. The Bulgogi taco was tasty and stayed true to its Korean roots and didn't feel weird that it was served in a taco. The Ginger Chicken taco was delightful. I love when the ginger sauce is done right and sure enough... Dennis and his team does it right! Dipped in Big D's Secret Sauce, the tacos perfectly flavorful and completely satisfying. My only regret was that I didn't get more!

I'd like to think that my review of his food is going to be unbiased but let's face it... you don't have to believe me... here's another review posted by New York Street Food, Midtown Lunch (one of my favorite blogs), and Thrillist.

Or... you can just try it for yourself.

Big D's Grub Truck will be on 31st Street and Park Avenue. And yes... I am going to eat there for the second time this week... it's that good.

happy thursday!