one thing i love about bali is that it feels like there's something for everyone. upon my last trip, i stayed over in ubud and discovered a fascinating world where culture and nature harmoniously collide.

ubud is located toward the center of the island. while the thought of being a couple of hours away from the beaches may not appeal to you, rest assured, ubud is definitely a must-see.

chan and i stayed at the champlung sari on monkey forest road. the hotel was a perfect. it is so serene, with rooms in separate rows often times parted with quaint little pathways lined with fragrant floral bushes.

(a note to those who are handicapable or guests who have trouble walking up and down stairs, please make sure to tell the hotel and request for a room close to the lobby. )

here's a pano shot of our room...

one morning we woke up to this right on our front porch...

after they were done monkeying around :) , we left to walk around town. it's lined with beautiful arts, brilliant colors, and filled with the most content people... you'll see what i mean.

the impromptu backcountry trek left us parched and we chilled at the cafe and sipped on some es teh manis (sweet tea) and enjoyed the view.


ubud is not known for its nightlife and unlike its rowdy neighbor Kuta, ubud's restaurants and bars close around midnight. chan and i frequented cinta grill where we got know our main man bedu. awesome bartender, originally from java and was such wonderful company.

i'll post up photos from the monkey forest tomorrow.