Pinterest app is here!

while browsing my facebook statuses, one particular update caught my eye with such excitement. my current internet obsessions just came out with an app for the iphone! yes... another app added. gosh, i love my phone!

pinterest, according to its website, is a place to catalog the things you love. i'm a visual person and pinterest allows me to make an online storyboard of ideas, recipes, graphic design inspirations... the categorizing is all up to you! my thoughts are free-flowing and as quickly as they pop into my head, just as quickly they come spilling out my ears. i'm a short-term memory kinda gal so with my blog, whenever clever sentences or ideas come to mind, i either quickly type them up in my phone or write them up in my awesome moleskin monthly notebook. as for images, i usually take a picture but with pinterest, i can now label it and write what i liked about the shot.

here's a screenshot of my phone.

and a screenshot of pinterst's app...

the site is still invite only, so if you'd like an invitation, feel free to email me at and i will gladly share extend an invitation.

happy pinning!


ps: check out tiny wings. thanks to josh, i now have a new obsession and i think it's a hell of a lot better than angry birds. in other words: total time waster, brain cell killer, awesomely mindless game. thanks a lot josh!