People of Nepal

The people of Nepal... bar none, the nicest people I have ever met. There was no cat-calling, no one was ever rude, and always welcoming. I always felt safe, walking the streets of Pokhara, Dhampus, and Chitwan. The laid back vibe is contagious and I found my New-York-self slowing my own pace. There was no need to walk in a rush... my feet and soul were on vacation. I chatted with a lot of folks but the most fun were the kids. They were living a gloriously full life, filled with laughter and love. Going through these pictures was hard... it made me miss the land of namaste oh so badly. Enjoy...

Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-1 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-4 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-5 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-8 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-10 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-12 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-14 Astami_Photos_People_of_Nepal_Travel_Blog-15

Have a nice weekend! And if you're on the East Coast... stay dry.

xo, Astami